[WING] Cybersecurity Talks tomorrow at BU

Bestavros, Azer best at bu.edu
Sun Jun 17 20:45:21 EDT 2012

As many of you know, BU is hosting the 2nd NE Faculty Summit on Cybersecurity tomorrow (Monday 6/18). As part of that summit, there will be two technical talks that might be interesting to some of you (and which are open to the public). I am including the title/abstract below. If you are interested in attending the whole event, let Win or I know (and feel free to register at http://www.bu.edu/hic/cyber2-registration/).


Can Technology Save Privacy?
Latanya Sweeney, Harvard University

Traditional privacy safeguards for data sharing are rooted in consent and de-identification and past approaches seem ineffective in today's data rich networked society.  Popular applications, like those of Facebook and Google, trade personal data for services, and are acquiring unprecedented amounts of personal information.  To some, privacy seems lost already.  But even though technology challenges privacy, technology can also save privacy. Recent scientific advances and technical innovations enable new ways of thinking about privacy so that privacy itself can leverage technical advancement. The promise from doing so is that society will not be bound by the false belief that society must choose between privacy and technology, but instead, society will be able to enjoy both privacy and technology. In this talk, we will examine some new models and projects.

Challenges in Outsourcing Private Computation
Srini Devadas, MIT

Outsourcing computation to the cloud or other service providers is becoming more prevalent.  However, many organizations are leery of outsourcing their computation to others because their data that is computed upon is sensitive and they do not wish it to leak.  There are methods available to guarantee privacy of data in outsourced computation that involve the use of cryptographic techniques or trusted hardware.  However, currently available techniques either suffer from assuming too large a trusted computing base or have too high overheads.  We will describe the challenges and potential solutions in efficient outsourcing of private computation.

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