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Subject: Postdoctoral fellowship at Paris School of Economics
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Postdoctoral fellowship at Paris School of Economics
for 1 year or 4th-year PHD in economics or computer science

The positions are financed by the project NET of ANR (Agence
Nationale de Recherche). The aim of this project is to
explore information and communication in large networks. The
project is motivated by the radical changes in communication
that we have been experiencing over the past fifteen years
through the huge development of communication tools, amongst
which high-capacity computers and the Internet technology
play a crucial role. The new environment, characterized by
multilateral relationships on a high scale that are well
described by `large networks', has opened up new forms of
competition, cooperation, and power.

The successful applicants will work on subjects related to
the project, for example on

(1) The analysis of systems that are used to organize,
process, aggregate and filter information on the Internet.
Such systems may be centralized, as is the case with search
engines' ranking systems (PageRank being the most famous
example), or decentralized (e.g forums of opinions or
communities of interest).

(2) Information transmission and competition in the banking
sector, modeling the multilateral inter-bank network.

Applicants in economics or computer science will be
considered. He/she is expected to have a strong background
in one of the following fields: social choice theory,
network theory, game theory, financial economics, computer

The positions are opened to post-doc or to fourth-year PhD
students about to complete their thesis. The duration is
from 6 month to one year, between September 2012 and
December 2013.

Location : Paris School of Economics

Basic salary: 2300 /month net (of social contributions) for
a post doc, 1700 /month net for a PHD.

Possibility of extra salary by teaching.

Applicants should send a full CV, including publication list
and two reference letters by June 30, 2012 to to
mailto:havet at ens.fr.

Responsible of the project : Gabrielle Demange

Students will get the result of the admission procedure in
mid July. An interview will be possibly required.


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