[WING] FW: [Tccc] Applied Networking Research Prize 2012 presentation at IETF-84

Crovella, Mark E crovella at bu.edu
Tue Jun 5 10:28:35 EDT 2012

Fyi - Mark

On 6/5/12 10:17 AM, "Eggert, Lars" <lars at netapp.com> wrote:

>we are extremely pleased to report that for the 2012 award period of
>the Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP), 20 eligible nominations
>were received. Each submission was reviewed by 5-7 members of the
>selection committee according to a diverse set of criteria, including
>scientific excellence and substance, timeliness, relevance, and
>potential impact on the Internet.
>Based on this review, three submissions were awarded an Applied
>Networking Research Prize in 2012. One of these submissions will be
>presented at IETF-84 in Vancouver, Canada, and two of them will be
>presented at IETF-85 in Atlanta, USA. The award for IETF-84 goes to:
>*** Alberto Dainotti *** for his research into Internet communication
>disruptions due to filtering:
> Alberto Dainotti, Claudio Squarcella, Emile Aben, K.C.  Claffy,
> Marco Chiesa, Michele Russo and Antonio Pescapé.  Analysis of
> Country-wide Internet Outages Caused by Censorship. Proc. ACM
> SIGCOMM/SIGMETRICS Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), November
> 2011, Berlin, Germany.
>Alberto has been invited to present his findings in the IRTF Open
>Meeting during IETF-84, July 29 - August 3, 2012 in Vancouver, Canada.
>Join him there!
>The other two prize winners of the 2012 ANRP will be announced before
>IETF-85 in Atlanta, USA.
>The call for ANRP nominations for the 2013 awards cycle will open in
>the fall of 2012. Read more about the ANRP at http://irtf.org/anrp.
>Please subscribe to the IRTF-Announce mailing list in order to receive
>future calls for ANRP nominations and join ISOC to stay informed of
>other networking research initiatives:
> http://irtf.org/mailman/listinfo/irtf-announce
> http://isoc.org/join
>Lars Eggert, IRTF Chair            http://irtf.org/anrp
>Mat Ford, Internet Society         http://isoc.org/research
>2012 ANRP Selection Committee
>Mark Allman, ICIR
>Marcelo Bagnulo, UC3M
>Lou Berger, LabN
>Olivier Bonaventure, UCL Louvain
>Ross Callon, Juniper
>Lars Eggert, NetApp
>Olivier Festor, INRIA
>Mat Ford, ISOC
>Lisandro Granville, UFRGS
>Andrei Gurtov, HIIT
>Dan Massey, Colorado State
>Al Morton, AT&T Laboratories
>Jörg Ott, Aalto University
>Colin Perkins, University of Glasgow
>Stefano Previdi, Cisco
>Jürgen Schönwälder, Jacobs University Bremen
>Lixia Zhang, UCLA

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