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Mahendra Varma, Nithin nvarma at bu.edu
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The Algorithms and Theory Seminar will be at 1 pm tomorrow (December 15th) in Room B08 in the MCS building. The speaker for the seminar is Hannah Flynn (BU). Light lunch will be served at 12:45 pm. The title and abstract are appended.

Please take note of the unusual venue.

Thank you,

Title: Fast Parallel Fixed-Parameter Algorithms via Color Coding
Speaker: Hannah Flynn

Abstract: Fixed-parameter algorithms have been successfully applied to solve numerous difficult problems within acceptable time bounds on large inputs. However, most fixed-parameter algorithms are inherently sequential and make little use of the parallel hardware present in modern computers. We show that parallel fixed-parameter algorithms do not only exist for numerous parameterized problems from the literature – including vertex cover, packing problems, finding embeddings, or finding matchings – but that there are parallel algorithms working in time depending only on the parameter (and not on the size of the input) for these problems.

This talk is based on a paper by Max Bannach, Christoph Stockhusen, and Till Tantau (IPEC 2015).

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