[riscs-proj1] Action items from yesterday's meeting

Ari Trachtenberg trachten at bu.edu
Thu Jul 23 11:22:54 EDT 2009

We have the following action items from yesterday's meeting:

* I've talked to Sharon Goldberg, and she's interested in joining our  
next meeting.  She's available the
week of August 10-14, so please let me know what days/times you are  
available then.

* We have resolved that everyone will go through the entire proposal  
and add material relevant to
their own research where they find it appropriate.  Make sure to  
"update" and "commit" regularly so
that we don't have people working on old copies.

* We have doubts about the area names "proaction" and "reaction", as  
the two bleed into each
other, and are not sharply separated.  Please feel free to discuss  
alternative characterizations
(or enter them directly on the document)

* Please continue contact development with "broader" potential  
affiliates, including Verizon Wireless,
BBN, U. Warwick, NSA, Raytheon, Fiedlity, Hanscom AFB, MIT LL.  Please  
be very clear on the need for
discretion and confidentiality, and be careful about what specifically  
is disclosed.

* We have given section responsibilities as follows:

    * Ari - 2.1:  Assessment.
    * Nikos - 2.2: Proaction (after David Starobinski makes a few  
edits based on yesterday's discussion)
    * Taubin/Karpovsky - 2.3: Reaction
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