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Thu Oct 14 13:44:12 EDT 2010

Thanks for the comments. The authors actually made some
assumptions to arrive at a tractable model.

One of the possibilities I'm considering is to see if we
can still arrive at a tractable economic model for
a two-level clean-slate RINA network under realistic
assumptions ?

I appreciate more insights and comments from
everyone. thank you.


Quoting John Day <jeanjour at comcast.net>:

> Guys,
> I am imagining things or are the assumptions in this paper are
> completely backwards?
> He assumes network providers have non-overlapping territories and
> that users have no choice.  This was true of phone companies, but I
> always thought a distinguishing characteristic of the Internet was
> that they WERE overlapping.  I can get Internet service from either
> comcast or verizon.
> He assumes that music downloads etc are subsitutable (his term)  that
> they all have the same stuff to download, when in fact, Amazon,
> iTunes, etc compete to sign exclusive deals with distributors of
> content (NBC, Sony, Walt Disney, etc.) to offer the service.
> Am I missing something here?
> Take care,
> John
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