[RINA] RINA Presentation for Friday 15th Oct

John Day jeanjour at comcast.net
Thu Oct 14 12:34:06 EDT 2010


I am imagining things or are the assumptions in this paper are 
completely backwards?

He assumes network providers have non-overlapping territories and 
that users have no choice.  This was true of phone companies, but I 
always thought a distinguishing characteristic of the Internet was 
that they WERE overlapping.  I can get Internet service from either 
comcast or verizon.

He assumes that music downloads etc are subsitutable (his term)  that 
they all have the same stuff to download, when in fact, Amazon, 
iTunes, etc compete to sign exclusive deals with distributors of 
content (NBC, Sony, Walt Disney, etc.) to offer the service.

Am I missing something here?

Take care,

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