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John Day jeanjour at comcast.net
Sat Oct 2 06:59:53 EDT 2010

>Hi John,
>to me a layer is
>a logical abstraction identified by a set of functions for which 
>it's the unique responsible.

Let me get to the heart of it, is the layer a property of a system or 
of a set of systems?  Can I have a layer in the traditional sense in 
a single system?

>Can we say that RINA design principle assumes an holistic approach 
>that is against the modularized "divide and conquer" architecture 
>ala ISO-OSI, where each so called layer has a limited variables 

Not quite sure what you mean here.  Are you referring to Dykstra's 
concept that the functions included in a given layer do not need to 
be replicated at higher layers?


>2010/10/1 John Day <<mailto:jeanjour at comcast.net>jeanjour at comcast.net>
>Lately, I have had inklings from discussions on various IETF lists
>that what I thought a layer was may be at odds with what much of the
>Internet thinks a layer is.
>So I thought I would ask all of you, what it was you were taught a
>layer was?  Could you define or otherwise characterize the concept
>of"layer"?  Not layer in RINA, but the concept of layer as you
>understood it prior to RINA (in case knowledge of RINA has changed
>your concept of layer).  Of course it would be interesting to know
>whether or not it has.
>This is not a trick question.  I suspect that there is a subtle
>difference and this is the only way I can think to test the
>Take care,
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