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Why don't you also post Vince Fuller's iepg presentation that set all 
the current routing crisis.  There is a lot of good data in their 
about how bad the problem is.  Also Randy Bush's presentation about 
doing v6.  It is pretty amazing, the most anti-pro-IPv6 presentation 
I have ever seen!

I am pretty sure that you have Fuller's and probably Bush's.  If not 
I have them.

I thought everyone knew about them.

Take care,

At 15:22 -0400 2010/10/01, Matta, Abraham I wrote:
>Just to remind everyone: initial RFCs on DIF-directory, CDAP, etc. are at
>username:  rina
>password:  rocks
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>Yuefeng Wang will present Van Jacobson's Paper (attached) next Fri, 
>and report on the status of his installation of TINOS.
>In our readings, we should think a bit deeper about how they relate 
>to RINA. To avoid confusion, we should go beyond "it looks the 
>same", "we can hack something here or there", etc. Let's make every 
>effort to be more scientific and try to be more precise, e.g., it 
>still maps IDs to interface addresses, the paper does not 
>substantiate this claim, they have a nice experimental methodology 
>that we could use this way to ..., what if we do this in some other 
>way ..., etc. This may require thinking beyond what is written and 
>perhaps digging deeper into other related work.
>John Day will also present a quick review of naming and addressing, 
>along with initial thoughts on CDAP and directory services. CDAP is 
>the Common Application Protocol of RINA, envisioned to support all 
>sorts of management applications, including directory service/app - 
>essential component in building our first RINA prototype of DIFs (I 
>started to call "Enclave as a Service" - EaaS ;)
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