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Just to remind everyone: initial RFCs on DIF-directory, CDAP, etc. are at


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Yuefeng Wang will present Van Jacobson's Paper (attached) next Fri, and report on the status of his installation of TINOS.

In our readings, we should think a bit deeper about how they relate to RINA. To avoid confusion, we should go beyond "it looks the same", "we can hack something here or there", etc. Let's make every effort to be more scientific and try to be more precise, e.g., it still maps IDs to interface addresses, the paper does not substantiate this claim, they have a nice experimental methodology that we could use this way to ..., what if we do this in some other way ..., etc. This may require thinking beyond what is written and perhaps digging deeper into other related work.

John Day will also present a quick review of naming and addressing, along with initial thoughts on CDAP and directory services. CDAP is the Common Application Protocol of RINA, envisioned to support all sorts of management applications, including directory service/app - essential component in building our first RINA prototype of DIFs (I started to call "Enclave as a Service" - EaaS ;)


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