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Title: D3N: A Datacenter-scale Data Delivery Network (Ugur Kaynar)
Title: D3N: A Datacenter-scale Data Delivery Network

Presenter: Ugur Kaynar

Abstract: Data is increasingly stored in data lakes, vast
object stores that can be accessed from anywhere in an
organization. We present the Datacenter-scale Data Delivery
Network (D3N) architecture, for throughput-bound
storage workloads, inspired by Content Delivery Networks.
D3N caches data on the access side of storage and
network bottlenecks, improving application performance
and reducing demand on the storage system and data
center network. We have implemented D3N by modifying
Ceph’s RADOS Gateway and show that we are able to
serve cached data at a rate that saturates the (40 Gbit/s)
NICs and (5 GB/s read) SSD of our caching server; serving
data substantially faster than per-compute-node hard
drives. On a workload synthesized from real datacenter
traces the prototype demonstrates a 3x overall speedup.
When: Mon Oct 16, 2017 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS 148
Calendar: NRG at BU
     * Nabeel Akhtar - creator

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