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Title: A Packet Recovery Service for Wide-Area Interactive Applications  
(Cody Doucette)
In this talk, I will describe ReWAN, recent work that revisits a classic  
networking problem -- how to recover from lost packets in the best-effort  
Internet -- in today's cloud-based era. ReWAN judiciously leverages the  
cloud to recover from lost or delayed packets with relatively low cost by  
supplementing (and protecting) best-effort connections with proactive  
transmission of encoded packets along cloud paths at a low rate.

When receivers detect packet loss, they ping the nearby cloud data center  
directly, instead of the server. The nearby data center has useful FEC  
packets that it can forward, enabling recovery on sub-RTT timescales. To  
recover from burst losses or even a sustained outage, the nearby data  
center enlists data from other receivers and orchestrates pipelined  
collaborative recovery via network coding packets.

I will demonstrate the benefits of ReWAN in providing fast, cost-effective  
packet recovery though microbenchmarks of our prototype, experiments on  
PlanetLab and the public cloud, and QoE scores for a Skype video  
conferencing scenario.
When: Mon Feb 13, 2017 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
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Calendar: NRG at BU
     * Cody Doucette - creator

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