[NRG] Raja Sambavisan talk, Tuesday 1PM

John Byers byers at cs.bu.edu
Fri Aug 4 10:57:13 EDT 2017

Please join us next Tuesday for a preview of Raja Sambavisan's SIGCOMM 
'17 paper.  Talk will be in Hariri at 1PM.  Note that we will also have 
a talk by Vatche Ishakian that day at 3PM, so Tuesday is a great day to 
be at BU.

Title: Bootstrapping evolvability for inter-domain routing with D-BGP

Abstract: The Internet’s inter-domain routing infrastructure, provided 
today by BGP, is extremely rigid and does not facilitate the 
introduction of new inter-domain routing protocols. This rigidity has 
made it incredibly difficult to widely deploy critical fixes to BGP. It 
has also depressed ASes’ ability to sell value-added services or replace 
BGP entirely with a more sophisticated protocol. Even if operators 
undertook the significant effort needed to fix or replace BGP, it is 
likely the next protocol will be just as difficult to change or evolve. 
To help, we identify two features needed in the routing infrastructure 
(i.e., within any inter-domain routing protocol) to facilitate evolution 
to new protocols. To understand their utility, we present D-BGP, a 
version of BGP that incorporates them.

Quick Bio: Raja is a visiting scientist with the Massachusetts Open 
Cloud at BU.  He previously completed his postdoc and PhD at CMU.  His 
postdoc focused on mechanisms for evolving the Internet's architecture 
and his PhD focused on techniques to automate problem diagnosis in cloud 
environments.  He is currently working to combine these areas to address 
important challenges in cloud computing.

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