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Title: Scratching below the Surface of the Internet: the Penetration of US  
Trackers in China (Prof. Kave Salamatian, Universite de Savoie)
Speaker: Kave Salamatian, Univ. Savoie


China has developed a strong industry of digital services. Local  
corporations such as Alibaba, Tencent or Baidu, dominate the national  
landscape, with a market share of more than 75% in most sectors. We show in  
this paper that surprisingly, the underlying trackers are mostly american  
even on Chinese services, which are hosting less than 20% of Chinese  
trackers. Although this peculiarity of the Chinese web had already been  
observed before, our results provide much more insights into the  
interdependencies of US and Chinese platforms. Our analysis is based on a  
large DNS trace, of 150 billion records, provided by a major ISP offering  
both mobile and landline ADSL in China. DNS is a critical component of the  
Internet architecture, on which all web based applications, that constitute  
the large majority of current Internet traffic, rely. After some delicate  
treatment of the data to correct the biais caused by the technology of DNS  
caches and Network Address Translation, we were able to obtain precise  
measures of Internet traffic, site audience, and tracker usage. The  
results, best shown in the dataviz bilevel partition of the Top 20 domains  
of China, are critical for the economy of the ad industry, privacy  
protection rules, as well as cyber security.
When: Mon Apr 10, 2017 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: China (Kave Salamatian, Univ. Savoie)
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Calendar: NRG at BU
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