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Title: Detecting Unusually-Routed ASes: Methods and Applications (Giovanni  
The routes used in the Internet's interdomain routing system are a rich
information source that could be exploited to answer a wide range of
questions.  However, analyzing routes is difficult, because the fundamental
object of study is a set of paths.  In this paper we present new analysis
tools -- metrics and methods -- for analyzing AS paths, and apply them to
study interdomain routing in the Internet over a recent 13-year period.  Our
goal is to develop a quantitative understanding of changes in Internet  
at the micro level (of individual ASes) as well as at the macro level (of  
set of all ASes). To that end we equip an existing metric (Routing State
Distance) with a new set of tools for identifying and characterizing
unusually-routed ASes.  At the micro level, we use our tools to identify
clusters of ASes that have the most unusual routing at each time
(interestingly, such clusters often correspond to sets of jointly-owned  
We also show that analysis of individual ASes can expose business and
engineering strategies of the organizations owning the ASes.  These  
are often related to content delivery or service replication.  At the macro
level, we show that ASes with the most unusual routing define discernible  
interpretable phases of the Internet's evolution. Furthermore, we show that
our tools can be used to provide a quantitative measure of the `flattening'  
the Internet.
When: Mon Nov 7, 2016 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS 148
Calendar: NRG at BU
     * Cody Doucette - creator

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