[NRG] Matteo Varvello (Tues 11:30AM): On In-Network and Protocol Innovation

John Byers byers at cs.bu.edu
Sat Jul 23 13:53:47 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

Matteo Varvello will be presenting a summary of his recent work at 
Telefonica this upcoming Tuesday morning.  We plan to start right after 
Behzad Golshan's Ph.D. defense wraps up, at about 11:30AM, tentatively 
at the Hariri Institute conference room. Please feel free to forward to 
your colleagues who may be interested in work in this area.  Best regards,



TITLE -- On In-Network and Protocol Innovation

ABSTRACT -- The consolidation of server virtualization has ignited a 
wide adoption of virtualized network functions, where classic 
hardware-based network operations can now be supported by commodity 
servers in software. Commoditized network functions provide cost 
reduction along with higher flexibility and agility compared to their 
hardware counterpart. This trend, coupled with the recent advent of 
Software Defined Networking (SDN), has the potential to allow tremendous 
in-network and protocol innovation.

In this talk I will cover several works contributing to the above 
vision, stretching from in-network up to protocol innovation. First, I 
will present how to build software switches, such as Open vSwitch, that 
can support even SDN functions with speed up to 40 Gbps. Next, I will 
overview few examples of in-network innovation realized via middleboxes 
and unencrypted traffic (HTTP). I will then discuss a new protocol to 
enable in-network functionalities on encrypted traffic (HTTPS) as well. 
I will conclude by presenting a large scale measurement study of HTTP/2, 
the last revision of HTTP, and its impact on how humans perceive the Web.

BIO -- Matteo Varvello is a researcher at Telefonica Research and 
Development (Barcelona, Spain) since September 2014. Prior to this, he 
spent 4.5 years at Bell Labs in Holmdel (New Jersey, USA) as a Member of 
Technical Staff, from January 2010 until July 2014. From March 2006 
until December 2009, he was a member of the research group of 
Technicolor (Paris, France). He holds a doctoral degree from the 
Computer Science Department of ParisTech, (France, December 2009). In 
2006, he received the MS. in Networking Engineering from Polytechnic of 
Turin (Turin, Italy) and the Eurecom Institute (Sophia Antipolis, 
France). He has participated to the technical program committee of 
several international conferences, authored more than 30 peer reviewed 
papers with about 1,500 citations, and holds 16 patents.

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