[NRG] Talk Alberto Dainotti (Tuesday 11am) - cancelled

Giovanni Comarela gcom at bu.edu
Mon Feb 29 10:17:57 EST 2016

Hi all,

Unfortunately Alberto Dainotti had to cancel his trip to Boston. So
the talk is cancelled.

Giovanni Comarela

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 5:01 PM, Giovanni Comarela <gcom at bu.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Alberto Dainotti from CAIDA will give a talk next Tuesday about
> BGPStream -- details below (joint with BUSEC).
> Regards,
> Giovanni Comarela
> ---
> When: Tuesday, March 1, 11am
> Where: MCS148
> Title: BGPStream, A framework for the historical analysis and
> real-time monitoring of BGP data
> Abstract: I will present the design and implementation of BGPStream,
> an open-source software framework (available at bgpstream.caida.org)
> for the analysis of historical and live Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
> measurement data. Although BGP is a crucial operational component of
> the Internet infrastructure, and is the subject of fundamental
> research (in the areas of performance, security, topology, protocols,
> economy, ...), there is no standard and easy way of processing large
> amounts of BGP measurement data. BGPStream fills this gap by making
> available a set of API and tools for processing large amounts of live
> and historical data thus supporting investigation of specific events,
> rapid prototyping, and building complex tools and efficient
> large-scale monitoring applications (e.g., detection of connectivity
> disruptions or BGP hijacking attacks). I will describe the design
> choices and challenges in the development of BGPStream. I will present
> how the components of the framework can be used in different
> applicative scenarios, and I will describe the development and
> deployment of complex services for global Internet monitoring that we
> built on top of it.

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