[NRG] Central Control Over Distributed Routing (Cody Doucette)

Cody Doucette doucette at bu.edu
Fri Sep 25 18:00:21 EDT 2015

*NRG Seminar*

*Central Control Over Distributed Routing*

*Presenter: Cody Doucette, BU*

*Authors: Stefano Vissicchio, Olivier Tilmans, Laurent Vanbever, Jennifer

*Monday, September 28, 2015 at 11am in MCS 148*
*Abstract: *Centralizing routing decisions offers tremendous flexibility,
but sacrifices the robustness of distributed protocols. In this talk, I
will present Fibbing, an architecture that achieves both flexibility and
robustness through central control over distributed routing. Fibbing
introduces fake nodes and links into an underlying link-state routing
protocol, so that routers compute their own forwarding tables based on the
augmented topology. Fibbing is expressive, and readily supports flexible
load balancing, traffic engineering, and backup routes. Based on high-level
forwarding requirements, the Fibbing controller computes a compact
augmented topology and injects the fake components through standard
routing-protocol messages. Fibbing works with any unmodified routers
speaking OSPF. Experiments also show that it can scale to large networks
with many forwarding requirements, introduces minimal overhead, and quickly
reacts to network and controller failures.

Paper link: http://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2015/pdf/papers/p43.pdf
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