[NRG] NRG Seminar: Network-layer Fairness for Adaptive Video Streaming

Nabeel Akhtar nabeel at bu.edu
Sat Sep 5 10:58:24 EDT 2015

*NRG Seminar*
*Network-layer Fairness for Adaptive Video Streaming*
*Dr. Marwan Fayed, University of Stirling*
*Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 9:45am in Hariri Institute (MCS 180)*


Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, and the like, are now the dominant sources of
traffic on the Internet. Recent studies observe that competing adaptive
video streaming applications generate flows that lead to instability,
under-utilization, and unfairness in bottleneck link sharing within the
network. Additional measurements suggest there may also be a negative
impact on users' perceived quality of service as a consequence. While it
may be intuitive to resolve application-generated issues at the application
layer, in this presentation I shall demonstrate the merits of a network
layer solution. I will present a new network-layer metric that reflects
user experience. A performance evaluation using our open-source
implementation in the home environment reveals that the network-layer may
just be the right place to attack the general problem.

Dr. Marwan Fayed is a lecturer (assistant professor) in the Department of
Computer Science at the University of Stirling, Scotland, where he is a
member of the Communications and Services Research Group. Dr. Fayed's
previous work includes context-awareness and routing for wireless networks,
network measurement, networks for developing or adversarial regions, and
peer-to-peer structures and dynamics. He is also an alumnus of BU computer
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