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Title: NRG Meeting: Identifying and Analyzing High Impact Routing Events  
with PathMiner (Giovanni Comarela)
Title: Identifying and Analyzing High Impact Routing Events with PathMiner

Presenter: Giovanni Comarela

Understanding the dynamics of the interdomain routing system is  
challenging. One reason is that a single routing or policy change can have  
far reaching and complex effects. Connecting observed behavior with its  
underlying causes is made even more difficult by the amount of noise in the  
BGP system. In this paper we address these challenges by presenting  
PathMiner, a system to extract large scale routing events from background  
noise and identify the AS or link responsible for the event. PathMiner is  
distinguished from previous work in its ability to identify and analyze  
large-scale events that may re-occur many times over long timescales. The  
central idea behind PathMiner is that although a routing change at one AS  
may induce large-scale, complex responses in other ASes, the correlation  
among those responses (in space and time) helps to isolate the relevant set  
of responses from background noise, and makes the cause much easier to  
identify. Hence, PathMiner has two components: an algorithm for mining  
large scale coordinated changes from routing tables, and an algorithm for  
identifying the network element (AS or link) responsible for the set of  
coordinated changes. We describe the implementation and validation of  
PathMiner. We show that it is scalable, being able to extract significant  
events from multiple years of routing data at a daily granularity. Finally,  
using PathMiner we study interdomain routing over past 9 years and use it  
to characterize the presence of large scale routing events and to identify  
the responsible network elements.
When: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11am - 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS 148
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * Yuefeng Wang - creator

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