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Title: NRG Meeting: Balancing Accountability and Privacy in the Network  
(Ugur Kaynar)
Title:Balancing Accountability and Privacy in the Network

Presenter: Ugur Kaynar

Authors: David Naylor , Matthew K. Mukerjee, Peter Steenkiste from Carnegie  
Mellon University

Though most would agree that accountability and privacy are both valuable,  
today's Internet provides little support for either. Previous efforts have  
explored ways to offer stronger guarantees for one of the two, typically at  
the expense of the other; indeed, at first glance accountability and  
privacy appear mutually exclusive. At the center of the tussle is the  
source address: in an accountable Internet, source addresses undeniably  
link packets and senders so hosts can be punished for bad behavior. In a  
privacy-preserving Internet, source addresses are hidden as much as  

In this paper, we argue that a balance is possible. We introduce the  
Accountable and Private Internet Protocol (APIP), which splits source  
addresses into two separate fields --- an accountability address and a  
return address --- and introduces independent mechanisms for managing each.  
Accountability addresses, rather than pointing to hosts, point to  
accountability delegates, which agree to vouch for packets on their  
clients' behalves, taking appropriate action when misbehavior is reported.  
With accountability handled by delegates, senders are now free to mask  
their return addresses; we discuss a few techniques for doing so.
When: Mon Oct 20, 2014 11am - 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS 148
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * Yuefeng Wang - creator

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