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Title: NRG Meeting:Content Distribution Over an Interoperable Network (Cody  
Content Distribution Over an Interoperable Network

Abstract: Recent studies have indicated that the legacy Internet  
architecture may not be well-suited to the increasingly diverse and complex  
needs of modern networking. In this talk, I will briefly describe a  
clean-slate approach, the eXpressive Internet Architecture (XIA) [NSDI  
'12], and will explain why its emphasis on evolvability at the network  
layer can help to ameliorate the problems of the legacy Internet. Moreover,  
I will propose that XIA can act as a meta architecture that is amenable to  
network evolution by acting as an incubator for networking ideas, old and  

As a consequence of evolvability, XIA has the ability to integrate  
technologies across layers and architectures to bring together  
functionality that was never intended to interoperate. In an exemplifying  
demonstration of this idea, I will show how the Linux implementation of XIA  
can reliably multicast content in heterogeneous networks by integrating the  
zFilter multicast fabric, erasure codes, and IPv4 tunneling.
When: Mon Dec 1, 2014 11am - 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS 148
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * Yuefeng Wang - creator

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