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Title: NRG: An Alloy Verification Model for Consensus-Based Auction  
Protocols (Saber Mirzaei)
Title: An Alloy Verification Model for Consensus-Based Auction Protocols

Speaker: Saber Mirzaei

This will be joint talk with the iBench group


Max Consensus-based Auction (MCA) protocols are an elegant approach to  
establish conflict-free distributed allocations in a wide range of network  
utility maximization problems. A set of agents independently bid on a set  
of items, and exchange their bids with their first hop-neighbors for a  
distributed (max-consensus) winner determination. MCA protocols have been  
proposed, e.g., to solve the task allocation problem for a fleet of  
unmanned aerial vehicles, in smart grids, or in distributed virtual network  
management applications. Misconfigured or malicious agents participating in  
a MCA, or an incorrect combination of policy instantiations, can lead to  
oscillations of the protocol, causing, e.g., Service Level Agreement (SLA)  

We propose a formal, machine-readable, Max-Consensus Auction model, encoded  
in the Alloy lightweight modeling language. The model consists of a network  
of agents applying the MCA mechanisms, instantiated with potentially  
different policies, and a set of predicates to analyze its convergence  
properties. We were able to verify that MCA is not resilient against  
rebidding attacks, and that the protocol fails (to achieve a conflict-free  
resource allocation) for some specific combinations of policies. Our model  
can be used to verify, with a "push-button" analysis, the convergence of  
the MCA
mechanism to a conflict-free allocation of a wide range of policy  

(joint work with Flavio Esposito)

When: Wed Nov 5, 2014 5pm - 6pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS B29
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * Yuefeng Wang - creator

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