[NRG] busec this week: no seminar, practice talk by Sharon Goldberg (Wed 10am)

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Nov 3 16:46:26 EST 2014

This week, we do not have a busec seminar.

However, I will be giving a practice talk for a talk that I will be giving
at IETF'91 next week. (https://irtf.org/anrp)  The talk is about security
issues in the RPKI, a new infrastructure designed by the IETF to secure
interdomain routing.  If you have time during our usual busec slot, please
do come by and give me feedback.  Abstract below.


Practice Talk: On the Risk of Misbehaving RPKI Authorities
Sharon Goldberg, BU
Wednesday November 5, 2014, 10-11am
Hariri Seminar Room, MCS180

The RPKI is a new security infrastructure that relies on trusted
authorities to prevent some of the most devastating attacks on interdomain
routing. The threat model for the RPKI supposes that authorities are
trusted and routing is under attack. This talk considers the risks that
arise when this threat model is flipped: when RPKI authorities are faulty,
misconfigured, compromised, or compelled (e.g. by governments) to
misbehave. We show how design decisions that elegantly address the
vulnerabilities in the original threat model have unexpected side effects
in this flipped threat model. We also propose new mechanisms to improve the
transparency and robustness of the RPKI.

Joint work with Kyle Brogle, Danny Cooper, Ethan Heilman, and Leonid Reyzin.
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