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Title: Linux XIA: an Interoperable Meta Network Architecture (Michel  
Machado PhD thesis defense)
Title: Linux XIA: an Interoperable Meta Network Architecture

Presenter: Michel Machado (PhD thesis defense)

With the growing number of clean-slate redesigns of the Internet, the need  
for a medium that enables all stakeholders to participate in the  
realization, evaluation, and selection of these designs is increasing. We  
believe that the missing catalyst is a meta network architecture that  
welcomes most, if not all, clean-state designs on a level playing field,  
lowers deployment barriers, and leaves the final evaluation to the broader  

This thesis presents the eXpressive Internet (Meta) Architecture (XIA),  
itself a clean-slate design, as well as Linux XIA, a native implementation  
of XIA in the Linux kernel, as a candidate. As a meta network architecture,  
XIA is highly flexible, leaving stakeholders to choose an expressive set of  
network principals to instantiate a given network architecture within the  
XIA framework. Central to XIA is its novel, non-linear network addressing  
format, from which derive key architectural features such as evolvability,  
intrinsically secure identifiers, and a low degree of principal isolation.  
XIP, the network layer protocol of XIA, forwards packets by navigating  
these structured addresses and delegating the decision-making and packet  
processing to appropriate principals, accordingly. Taken together, these  
mechanisms work in tandem to support a broad spectrum of interoperable  

We demonstrate how to port four distinct and unrelated network  
architectures onto Linux XIA, none of which were designed for  
interoperability with this platform. We then show that, notwithstanding  
this flexibility, Linux XIA's forwarding performance remains comparable to  
that of the more mature legacy TCP/IP stack implementation. Moreover, the  
ported architectures, namely IP, Serval, NDN, and ANTS, empower us to  
present a deployment plan for XIA, to explore design variations of the  
ported architectures that were impossible in their original form due to the  
requirement of self-sufficiency that a standalone network architecture  
bears, and to substantiate the claim that XIA readily supports and enables  
network evolution. Our work highlights the benefits of specializing network  
designs that XIA affords, and comprises instructive examples for the  
network researcher interested in design and implementation for future  

Examining Committee:
John W. Byers (Advisor, First Reader)
Orran Krieger (Second Reader)
Peter Steenkiste (CMU, Third Reader)
Mark Crovella
Abraham Matta
Richard West
Azer Bestavros (Chair)

Audience members unfamiliar with XIA find a *short* introduction here:
When: Mon Apr 7, 2014 11:10am - 12:10pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * Yuefeng Wang - creator

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