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Please let me know if you would like to meet 1-1 with Rubén Cuevas.



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> Hi,
> Rubén Cuevas, Assistant Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, will
> visit BU this Thursday, October 10 and present in the NRG seminar.
> Best,
> Larissa
> *NRG Seminar
> Are Trending Topics Useful For Marketing? Visibility of Trending Topics vs
> Traditional Advertisement
> Rubén Cuevas, University Carlos III of Madrid
> *
> *Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 10AM in MCS 148
> *
> *Abstract:* Trending Topics seem to be a powerful tool to be used in
> marketing and advertisement contexts, however there is not any rigorous
> analysis that demonstrates this. In this pa- per we present a first effort
> in this direction. We use a dataset including more than 110K Trending
> Topics from 35 countries collected over a period of 3 months as basis to
> characterize the visibility offered by Local Trending Topics. Furthermore,
> by using metrics that rely on the exposure time of Trending Topics and the
> penetration of Twitter, we compare the visibility provided by Trending
> Topics and tra- ditional advertisement channels such as newspapers’ ads or
> radio-stations’ commercials for several countries. Our study confirms that
> Trending Topics offer a comparable visibility to the aforementioned
> traditional advertisement channels in those countries where we have
> conducted our comparison study. Then, we conclude that Trending Topics can
> be use- ful in marketing and advertisement contexts at least in the
> analyzed countries.
> *Short bio:* Rubén Cuevas is currently Assistant Professor at the
> Telematics engineering Department at University Carlos III of Madrid. He
> was research Intern at Telefonica Research Lab in 2008 and Courtesy
> Assistant Professor at University of Oregon in 2012. Rubén obtained his MSc
> and PhD in Telematics Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid
> (Spain) in 2007 and 2010 respectively. His main research interests include
> Online Social Networks, Internet Measurements and Content Distribution. He
> has published more than 40 papers in prestigious international journals and
> conferences such as ACM CoNEXT, ACM COSN, WWW, IEEE Infocom, IEEE P2P,
> IEEE/ACM ToN, IEEE TPDS or CACM. Furthermore, he is currently the PI of
> three research grants funded by the European Union, the Spanish Government
> and Industry.
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