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Title: NRG Meeting: Flavio Esposito's thesis proposal
A Policy-Based Architecture for Virtual Network Embedding
Flavio Esposito PhD Proposal
Monday, May 6, 2013 at 4PM in MCS 148

Abstract:  Network virtualization is a technology that enables multiple  
virtual instances to co-exist on a common physical network infrastructure.  
The virtual network embedding is the (NP-hard) problem of matching  
constrained virtual networks onto a physical network, owned by a single  
provider, or by multiple federated providers. In particular, the virtual  
network embedding problem consists of three mechanisms: physical resource  
discovery, virtual network mapping, and allocation on the physical  
In this talk, we present a policy-based architecture for the virtual  
network embedding problem. By policy, we mean a variant aspect of any of  
the three (invariant) embedding mechanisms. Heuristics to solve the  
embedding problem have exploited several embedding policies under different  
settings. For example, centralized embedding solutions have been devised  
for small enterprise physical networks, while distributed embedding  
solutions have been proposed over larger federated wide-area networks. Some  
heuristics embed virtual nodes and virtual links separately, to adapt to  
dynamic physical network conditions with minimal state modifications. Other  
solutions show how the physical network utilization may increase by  
simultaneously embedding virtual nodes and virtual links.
We leverage (primal and dual) decomposition techniques to propose an  
architecture that serves as a unifying theory for the virtual network  
embedding problem. We then use the architecture to model and compare  
existing heuristics, and to design novel embedding solutions. In  
particular, our architecture leads to a policy-based virtual network  
embedding protocol that improves existing upper bounds on embedding  
efficiency, and on convergence embedding time, within a single domain, or  
across multiple federated domains. The performance of representative novel  
and existing policy configurations are compared via trace-driven  
simulations, and over a prototype implementation. We also present an object  
model as a foundation for a virtual network embedding protocol  

When: Mon May 6, 2013 4pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * larissaspinelli at gmail.com - creator

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