[NRG] What do SDNs and pizza have in common?

Bestavros, Azer best at bu.edu
Mon Jul 15 09:22:45 EDT 2013

*         When: Wednesday 7/24 @ noon

*         Where: HIC Seminar Room

*         Who: Sanaz Bahargam and Rick Skowyra

*         Why: Pizza and discussion of SDN work-in-progress experiments

*         What: Sanaz will start with an overview of her work on simulating a "Learning Intrusion Detection System (L-IDS)" -- a network security service for protecting embedded mobile devices within institutional boundaries, which can be deployed alongside existing security systems with no modifications to the embedded devices. L-IDS utilizes the OpenFlow SDN, which allows it to both detect and respond to attacks as they happen. She will show the experimental simulation setup for this application on Mininet. Rick will follow up with highlights of current and entertained work on the intersection of SDN and network security, including intrusion detection systems, malware detection, and the impact of mobility on security guarantees.

*         RSVP: Please let Rick or Sanaz know if you will attend (and to order enough Pizzas :))

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