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Just a reminder that Today seminar is
with the guest Professor Antonio Guto Rocha.


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NRG Meeting: Stability of Peer-to-Peer Swarming Systems (Antonio Guto Rocha)
Title: Stability of Peer-to-Peer Swarming Systems
Presenter: Antonio Guto Rocha

Abstract: Peer-to-peer systems are one of the de facto solutions for
content dissemination in today’s Internet. The goal of this paper is to
study some limits on the scalability of peer-to-peer systems. A system is
unscalable if its population size grows unboundedly with time. In this
study, we focus on the development of a novel approach to derive insights
on the stability of peer-to-peer systems. For instance, a proposed model
has been used to help us understand: (i) what are the necessary conditions
in which the system is always stable; (ii) how the system throughput varies
as a function of different neighbor and piece selection strategies.

Short-bio: Antonio A. de A. Rocha (Guto) received his D.Sc degree in system
engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Currently, he is an
Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Fluminense
Federal University, Brazil. His areas of interest include performance
evaluation, traffic engineering and network measurement. Dr. Rocha received
the best paper award at CoNEXT'09.

********mon 25 fev 2013 11:00 – 12:00
MCS-148, 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
NRG at BUlarissaspinelli at gmail.com- criador
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