[NRG] next meeting

Larissa Spinelli lspinell at bu.edu
Mon Feb 11 21:55:49 EST 2013


I would like to apologize by the late NGR meeting cancellation of today. I
had updated the calendar and had sent an email notification yesterday but
looks like that the email wasn't correctly sent and I've just discovered
this at the meeting time today.
I'm working on re-schedule our guest, Bruno Ribeiro, for a future talk

Next Monday is holiday, however, Wednesday is Monday replacement. So, the
next NGR meeting will be on Wednesday, February 20.

Furthermore, I would like to announce that on Monday, March 4, Professor
Daniel Figueiredo from UFRJ (Brazil) - my Master adviser - will be visiting
BU and will present a talk in the NRG meeting.


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