[NRG] NRG Meeting Today: Verifiably Safe Software-Defined Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems (Rick Skowyra)

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Mon Apr 1 09:25:39 EDT 2013

NRG Meeting: Verifiably Safe Software-Defined Networks for Cyber-Physical
Systems (Rick Skowyra)
Title: Verifiably Safe Software-Defined Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems

Presenter: Rick Skowyra

Next generation cyber-physical systems (CPS) are expected to be deployed in
domains which require scalability as well as performance under dynamic
conditions. This scale and dynamicity will require that CPS communication
networks be programmatic (i.e., not requiring manual intervention at any
stage), but still maintain iron-clad safety guarantees. Software-Defined
Networking standards like OpenFlow provide a means for scalably building
tailor-made network architectures, but there is no guarantee that these
systems are safe, correct, or secure.
In this work we propose a methodology and accompanying tools for modeling
and composing distributed systems such that existing formal verification
techniques can be transparently used to analyze critical requirements and
properties prior to system implementation. We demonstrate this methodology
by iteratively modeling and verifying a CPS application using and Open-Flow
learning switch network with respect to network correctness, network
convergence, and mobility-related properties.
We posit that a design strategy based on the complementary pairing of
software-defined networking and formal verification would enable the CPS
community to build next generation systems without sacrificing the safety
and reliability that these systems must deliver.

********mon April 1 2013 11:00 – 12:00
MCS-148, 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA 02215
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