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Title: NRG meeting: Modeling and Optimizing Content-Oriented Networks
PLEASE notice that we're meeting at a different day and time this week!
Chong Wang's PhD Thesis Defense

User interactions involving content such as sharing, distributing and  
retrieving images, music, and videos have come to dominate today's Internet  
usage. Consequently, there have been many ongoing efforts to reconsider and  
redesign various aspects of the Internet to better support this trend.   
Understanding and modeling competing content-oriented networking approaches  
is thus a central problem, especially in the areas of protocol evaluation,  
network design and overall performance.  In this dissertation, we focus on  
optimization problems related to content-oriented networking between the  
economically motivated entities that comprise the Internet infrastructure.   
Using the terminology of today's Internet, we model Internet Service  
Providers (ISPs), which provide network and content services to their  
customers, and which operate one or more autonomous systems (ASes) that  
collectively constitute the global Internet.   We identify three key  
problem domains in this space:  how a single ISP forms and optimizes its  
own network topology for delivering content to its users;  how ASes enter  
into and optimize peering agreements with one another to facilitate content  
distribution; and the effectiveness of various content placement algorithms  
for ISPs in light of proposed incentive mechanisms. We argue that, compared  
to traditional purely graph-theoretic approaches, modeling focus on  
economic motivation better underlies and informs each of these problem  
domains.  This dissertation includes our modeling efforts on the following  
specific problems: (1) A generative model for content-providing ISP  
topologies that explicitly considers economic and technological  
constraints; (2) A contract-based model for AS-AS topological peering which  
captures the different business relationships among ASes; and (3) a model  
for the cost-benefit analysis of content distribution in a global  
content-oriented network under various incentive mechanisms.  Our proposed  
methods draw primarily from graph-based combinatorial optimization, but  
also draw on work in cooperative and non-cooperative game theory. We  
demonstrate that our methods for the first two problems generate more  
realistic network topologies than traditional approaches, with more  
explanatory power.  For the third problem, we show by analysis and  
simulation that a Shapley value-based incentive mechanism for collaborative  
content placement becomes increasingly compelling as current trends toward  
larger and richer content continue.
When: Fri Oct 5 10am – 11:30am Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * michel.machado at gmail.com - creator

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