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Title: NRG meeting: Gonca Gursun PhD Proposal Talk
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Abstract: Knowledge about the global behavior of AS-level Internet is vital  
for many networking problems such as traffic engineering, network  
management, security, and business intelligence. However, given its  
distributed architecture, the global behavior of AS-level Internet is hard  
to come by. For instance, there is no single vantage point to measure all  
Internet traffic. Individual ASes can only observe a small portion of the  
whole set of flows, i.e. their visibility is limited.
In this thesis, we study the ability of individual ASes to extend their  
visibility of the AS-level Internet. We define two types of visibility: 1)  
the visibility of interdomain traffic volumes which corresponds to the  
knowledge about the amount of traffic exchanged between ASes, and 2) the  
visibility of interdomain routing state which corresponds to the knowledge  
about the set of routes that passes through an AS.
In the first part of this thesis, we study the ability of ASes infer the  
volume of traffic that does not pass through their networks. We seek to  
understand which ASes are likely to perform such inference successfully and  
which flows they can readily recover.
In the second part, we study the ability of ASes identify which paths flow  
through their network. We show that this problem is equivalent to inferring  
which source-destination pairs that are not communicating at a given time.  
Answering this question prompts us to look for ways to identify sets of  
source-destination paths that are routed similarly in a particular region  
of the Internet. To do that, we define a metric called Routing State  
Distance (RSD) to compute the distance between any given two prefixes.
In the third part of the thesis, we study the properties of this new metric  
in detail and show how to use it as a tool for characterizing BGP paths. We  
show that such characterization uncovers some suprising patterns in the  
interdomain routing system.

When: Mon Oct 29 10am – 11:30am Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * michel.machado at gmail.com - creator

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