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Title: NRG meeting: Benefits of cooperation between ISPs and Content  
Presenter: Yuefeng Wang

Paper 1 : Cooperative Content Distribution and Traffic Engineering in an ISP  
Published in SIGMETRICS, 2009
Authors: Wenjie Jiang , Rui Zhang-Shen, Jennifer Rexford and  Mung Chiang

Abstract: Traditionally, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) make profit by  
providing Internet connectivity, while content providers (CPs) play the  
more lucrative role of delivering content to users. As network connectivity  
is increasingly a commodity, ISPs have a strong incentive to offer content  
to their subscribers by deploying their own content distribution  
infrastructure. Providing content services in an ISP network presents new  
opportunities for coordination between traffic engineering (to select  
efficient routes for the traffic) and server selection (to match servers with  
subscribers). In this work, we develop a mathematical framework that  
considers three models with an increasing amount of cooperation between the  
ISP and the CP. We show that separating server selection and traffic  
engineering leads to sub-optimal equilibria, even when the CP is given  
accurate and timely information about the ISP’s network in a partial  
cooperation. More surprisingly, extra visibility may result in a less  
efficient outcome and such performance degradation can be unbounded.  
Leveraging ideas from cooperative game theory, we propose an architecture  
based on the concept of Nash bargaining solution. Simulations on realistic  
backbone topologies are performed to quantify the performance differences  
among the three models. Our results apply both when a network provider  
attempts to provide content, and when separate ISP and CP entities wish to  
cooperate. This study is a step toward a systematic understanding of the  
interactions between those who provide and operate networks and those who  
generate and distribute content.

Paper 2: An Energy-Aware Distributed Approach for Content and Network  
Published in IEEE INFOCOM 2011 Green Communications and Networking Workshop
Authors: Luca Chiaraviglio and Ibrahim Matta

Abstract:  We propose a distributed approach in which an Internet Service  
Provider (ISP) and a Content Provider (CP) cooperate to minimize total  
power consumption. Our solution is distributed between the ISP and the CP  
to limit shared information, such as network topology and servers’ load. In  
particular, we adopt a dual decomposition technique. We investigate the  
performance of the proposed solution on realistic case-studies. We compare  
our algorithms with a centralized model, whose aim is to minimize total  
power consumption. We consider different power models for devices. Results  
show that the distributed algorithm is close to the optimal solution, with  
a power efficiency loss less than 17%.
When: Mon Nov 26 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * michel.machado at gmail.com - creator

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