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Title: NRG meeting: Economic tussles in the Internet domain
Presenter: László Gyarmati

There are many tussles affecting the Internet, ranging across regulation,  
privacy, economics of peering, and pricing for end customers. With Internet  
access seen as a basic right, clear thinking is needed, and quantification,  
based on realistic models fed with credible data, is notably lacking. The  
talk will cover three topics of the area: sustainability of the Internet  
ecosystem, cost quantification in backbone networks, and price  
discrimination on the Internet. First, we present an ecosystem model to  
analyze the balance of power amongst the main economic actors in the  
Internet including Access ISPs and Content and Service Providers. The  
model, run with the real market data, shows that there can be side payments  
between Access ISPs and CSPs for premium connectivity. The direction and  
volume of the money flows strongly depends on the perceived values of the  
services and the loyalty of the end users. Second, we study the problem of  
how to share the cost of a backbone network among its customers. We present  
a systematic study of cost sharing policies focusing on their  
discrepancies. We aim at quantifying how the selection of a particular  
policy biases an operator’s understanding of cost generation. Finally,  
price discrimination, charging customers differently for the same product  
based on their individual valuations of the products, could benefit from  
extensive information collected online on the customers and thus contribute  
to the profitability of e-commerce services. We empirically demonstrate the  
existence of both price and search discrimination in the Internet, and  
uncover what information vectors are used to facilitate these methods.

László Gyarmati is an associate researcher at Telefonica Research. He  
received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Budapest  
University of Technology and Economics, Hungary in 2011 and 2008. His  
research interest includes network economics, in particular the  
sustainability of the Internet ecosystem and the analysis of costs in  
communication networks, online social networks, and data centers. In  
addition, he has an M.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering.
When: Mon Nov 12 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * michel.machado at gmail.com - creator

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