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Title: NRG Meeting: On the impact of the incentives in a popular file  
sharing application: analysis and measurements
Presenter: Damiano Carra (visiting professor from Columbia University)

IMPORTANT: If you want to meet Damiano after his talk, schedule it here:

Motivated by the popularity of content distribution and file sharing  
applications that nowadays dominate Internet traffic, we focus on the  
incentive mechanism of a very popular, yet not very well studied,  
peer-to-peer application, eMule. In our work, we recognize that the  
incentive scheme of eMule is more sophisticated than current alternatives  
(e.g., BitTorrent) as it uses a general, priority-based, time-dependent  
queuing discipline to differentiate service among cooperative users and  
free-riders. In this paper, we describe a general model of such an  
incentive mechanism and analyze its properties in terms of application  
performance. We validate our model using both numerical simulations (when  
analytical techniques become prohibitive) and with a measurement campaign  
of the live eMule system. Our results, in addition to validating our model,  
indicate that the incentive scheme of eMule suffers from starvation. As  
such, we present an alternative scheme that mitigates this problem, and  
validate it through numerical simulations and a second measurement campaign.

Damiano Carra received his Laurea degree in Telecommunication Engineering  
from Politecnico di Milano in 2000, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from  
University of Trento in 2007. From 2000 to 2003 he worked as a technical  
consultant for leading industries in Telecommunications and computer  
science. From April 2007 to June 2008 he worked as research engineer at  
Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, France. From June 2008 to December 2008 he  
worked as post-doc at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, with project MAESTRO. Since  
December 2008, he is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science  
Department at University of Verona. His research interests include modeling  
and performance evaluation of peer-to-peer networks.
When: Mon May 7 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
     * goncagursun at gmail.com - creator

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