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Title: NRG meeting: A Framework for the Evaluation and Management of  
Network Centrality
Jointed with the database group.

Presenter: Dora Erdos

Network-analysis literature is rich in node-centrality measures that  
quantify the centrality of a node as a function of the (shortest) paths of  
the network that go through it. Existing work focuses on defining instances  
of such measures and designing algorithms for the specific combinatorial  
problems that arise for each instance. In this work, we propose a unifying  
definition of centrality that subsumes all path-counting based centrality  
definitions: e.g., stress, betweenness or paths centrality. We also define  
a generic algorithm for computing this generalized centrality measure for  
every node and every group of nodes in the network. Next, we define two  
optimization problems: k-Group Centrality Maximization and k-Edge  
centrality Boosting. In the former, the task is to identify the subset of k  
nodes that have the largest group centrality. In the latter, the goal is to  
identify up to k edges to add to the network so that the centrality of a  
node is maximized. We show that both of these problems can be solved  
efficiently for arbitrary centrality definitions using our general  
framework. In a thorough experimental evaluation we show the practical  
utility of our framework and the efficacy of our algorithms.

Work done together with Vatche Ishakian, Evimaria Terzi and Azer Bestavros.
When: Thu Apr 5 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
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