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Gonca Gürsun goncag at bu.edu
Thu Feb 2 20:32:04 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that we restart the NRG meetings next week. The
first meeting is on 02/06 (Monday) at 11 am. The speaker is Christine
Bassem. She will be talking about her ongoing work (description below).

See you there,

The title:
Mechanism Design for Spatio-Temporal Request Satisfaction in Mobile Networks

The abstract:
Mobile agents participating in geo-presence-capable crowdsourcing
applications should be presumed rational, competitive, and willing to
deviate from their routes if given the right incentive. In this talk, we
present our current work in progress, in which we design a mechanism that
takes into consideration this rationality for request satisfaction in such
applications. We propose the Geo-temporal Request Satisfaction (GRS)
problem to be that of finding the optimal assignment of requests with
specific spatio-temporal characteristics to competitive mobile agents
subject to spatio-temporal constraints. The objective of the GRS problem is
to maximize the total profit of the system subject to our rationality
assumptions. We define the problem formally, prove that it is NP-Complete,
and present a practical solution mechanism, which we prove to be
convergent, and which we evaluate experimentally.
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