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Title: NRG meeting: Yuefeng Wang
The Public Option: a Non-regulatory Alternative to Network Neutrality  
(CoNEXT 2011)
Authors: Richard T. B. Ma, Vishal Misra

Network neutrality and the role of regulation on the Internet have been  
heavily debated in recent times. Amongst the various definitions of network  
neutrality, we focus on the one which prohibits paid prioritization of  
content. We develop a model of the Internet ecosystem in terms of three  
primaryplayers: consumers, ISPs and content providers. We analyze this  
issue from the point of view of the consumer, and target the desired system  
state that maximizes consumer surplus.
By analyzing the various structures of an ISP market, we obtain different  
conclusions on the desirability of regulation. We also introduce the notion  
of a Public Option ISP, an ISP that carries traffic in a network neutral  
manner. We find  (i) in a monopolistic scenario, network neutral regulations  
might benefit consumers; however, the introduction of a Public Option ISP is  
even better, as it aligns the interests of the monopolistic ISP with the  
consumer surplus and (ii) in an oligopolistic scenario, the presence of a  
Public Option ISP is again preferable to network neutral regulations,  
although the presence of competing non-neutral ISPs provides the most  
desirable situation for the consumers.
Lastly, the ISP survivability is an orthogonal direction towards the  
debate. Nevertheless, our findings reveal that even ISPs can survive,  
network neutrality might still not be needed.
When: Mon Apr 9 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Where: MCS-148, 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215
Calendar: NRG Calendar
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