[NRG] BU Colloquium (July 26 @ 3pm) by Georgios Smaragdakis on Content-Aware Traffic Engineering

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Fri Jul 22 12:17:32 EDT 2011


Boston University -- Computer Science Department


Tuesday July 26, 2011/ 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Location: PHO 201



Georgios Smaragdakis

Abstract: Today, a large fraction of Internet traffic is originated by Content Providers (CPs) such as content distribution networks and hyper-giants. To cope with the increasing demand for content, CPs deploy massively distributed hosting infrastructures. This poses new challenges for the CPs as they have to dynamically map end-user to appropriate servers. This is challenging as CPs are largely unaware of the network conditions within an ISP as well as the end-user network locations. Furthermore, ISPs strive to cope with rapid traffic shifts caused by the dynamic server selection process of CPs. In this work, we argue that CPs and ISPs can jointly take advantage of the deployed distributed hosting infrastructures to improve their operation and end-user performance. To this end, we introduce Content-aware Traffic Engineering (CaTE). CaTE dynamically changes the traffic demand by utilizing ISP network information during the server selection process performed by CPs. In turn, CPs gain a better end-user to server mapping as network-informed server selection circumvents network bottlenecks. Our results show improvements in end-user performance, overall traffic reduction, and decrease in link utilization up to 40% when applying CaTE to traffic delivered by the major CPs.

This is a joint work with Benjamin Frank, Ingmar Poese, Steve Uhlig, and Anja Feldmann.

Speaker Bio: Georgios Smaragdakis is a Senior Researcher in Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He received the Diploma in electronic and computer engineering from the Technical University of Crete, Greece, the Ph.D. degree in computer science from Boston University, MA, and he interned at Telefonica Research, Barcelona, Spain. His research interests include the measurement, performance evaluation and optimization of content distribution systems and overlay networks with main applications in overlay network creation and maintenance, service deployment, server selection, network storage management, distributed caching, and ISP-Applications collaboration.

Host: Azer Bestavros


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