[NRG] BUCS Colloquium by Ben Lubin on Combinatorial Markets for Power-Aware Resource Allocation [Wed 4/20 @ 11am]

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Mon Apr 11 11:52:55 EDT 2011


Boston University -- Computer Science Department


Wednesday April 20, 2011
11:00am - 12:15pm


Combinatorial Markets and their Application to Power-Aware Computational Resource Allocation

Ben Lubin

Department of Information Systems, SMG, Boston University

Abstract: Combinatorial Auctions (CAs) have been proposed as a desirable method for mediating complex resource allocation problems.  Example domains include the redistribution of aircraft landing rights, blocks of spectrum, and items in complex supply chains.  This talk will describe the challenges in extending such auctions to a two-sided setting, and present the first fully expressive two-sided iterative combinatorial exchange (ICE).  Next, we will discuss the specialization of portions of this general mechanism to a particular domain: power-aware computational resource allocation.  The market enables a separation between a buyer side that strives to maximize performance and a seller side that strives to minimize power and other costs. A concise and scalable description language is defined for agent preferences that admits a mixed-integer program for computing optimal allocations. Experimental results demonstrate the robustness, flexibility, practicality and scalability of the architecture.  Lastly we will discuss recent work on determining the optimal payments to charge participants in such combinatorial settings, where economic, game-theoretic, and computational requirements must all be balanced.

Short Biography: After receiving his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Harvard in 1999, Ben spent six years at BBN Technologies working on advanced research into multi-agent modeling, scheduling and logistics systems.  He then returned to Harvard to pursue a Ph.D. at the intersection of computer science, game theory and economics.  He has recently joined the Boston University School of Management Information Systems Department as a newly minted assistant professor.  His research has focused on combinatorial exchanges, mechanisms that support efficient reallocation of goods when participants have complex preferences regarding bundles of items.  He is the recipient of a Yahoo! KTC award, and the Siebel Fellowship.

Host: Azer Bestavros


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