[NRG] BUCS Colloquium by Adriana Iamnitchi on Enabling Socially-Aware Distributed Systems [Wed 9/22 @ 11:00]

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Boston University -- Computer Science Department


Wednesday September 22, 2010


Enabling Socially-Aware Distributed Systems

Adriana Iamnitchi


Abstract: Recent Internet applications, such as online social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on) and the widely-adopted user-generated content tools (Delicious, Flickr, blogs, etc.) expose a wealth of social information. Aggregated and augmented, this wealth of social data could be efficiently mined for the design of distributed computing infrastructures to facilitate improved performance for traditional applications and to enable a whole set of novel applications. This talk presents Prometheus, a peer-to-peer service that aggregates social information collected from multiple sources and exposes a set of social inference functions to socially-aware applications and services. Prometheus manages social data in a distributed architecture and enforces user-defined access control policies. Prometheus itself is socially-aware: it allows users to select storage peers that manage their social information based on social trust and it exploits naturally formed social groups for improved performance. Our experimental evaluations of the Prometheus prototype on the PlanetLab testbed demonstrate the benefits of socially-aware design and a reasonable overhead in wide-area settings.

Short Bio: Adriana Iamnitchi is assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Florida. Her research interests are in distributed systems, with emphasis on designing, implementing and experimenting with algorithms, services and applications for large-scale networked-systems. In particular, Iamnitchi's work spans socially-aware distributed systems, system characterization for Grids and peer-to-peer networks, data management in distributed scientific collaborations, social networks characterization, and cloud computing. Iamnitchi received her PhD from University of Chicago in 2003 after which she joined Duke University as a Visiting Assistant Professor before joining University of South Florida in 2005.

Host: Azer Bestavros


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