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Some of you might find this interesting...

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Subject: reading group about crowd computing/social computing/human computation

Dear all,

Since there's been an explosion of activity and interest in
crowdsourcing, human computation, and other forms of crowd and social
computing -- particularly at MIT and Harvard -- I'd like to propose
forming a weekly reading group to keep up with what's going on in the

To give a flavor for what the group might be reading, here are some
recent papers in the area:

Toward Automatic Task Design: A Progress Report
Eric Huang, Haoqi Zhang, David Parkes, Krzysztof Gajos, Yiling Chen
HCOMP 2010

Soylent: A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside
Bernstein, M., Little, G., Miller, R.C., Hartmann, B., Ackerman, M.,
Karger, D.R., Crowell, D., and Panovich, K.
UIST 2010.

The Labor Economics of Paid Crowdsourcing.
Horton, John J. and Chilton, Lydia B.
EC 2010.

The anatomy of a large-scale social search engine.
D. Horowitz and S.D. Kamvar.
WWW 2010.

Generalized Task Markets for Human and Machine Computation.
D. Shahaf and E. Horvitz.
AAAI 2010

Ubiquitous human computing.
Jonathan Zittrain.
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A,  28 October 2008,   vol. 366  no. 1881,  3813-3821.

These are just examples, and one hopes the reading group would range
far afield to introduce people to less-familiar work and bridge across
disciplines like HCI, AI, computer systems, economics, and law.  All
the readings will be chosen by the group participants.

More details:
- Location would alternate weekly between MIT and Harvard, starting in
mid to late October
- Some kind of food (e.g. pizza) would be provided
- Each week would have a designated discussant who would select the
paper to read and discuss
- (possibly) Each week's discussion may produce a blog post on a new blog

If you are interested, you should do two things:

1. Sign up for the reading group mailing list, which for the moment is
called "crowdfoo" (as in crowdsourcing, crowdmining, crowd computing,


2. Vote on the poll for scheduling the day and time of the reading group:


The first meeting will be announced to the crowdfoo mailing list.
Even if you're unable to attend the reading group, feel free to add
yourself to the mailing list if you want to keep up with what we're

Rob Miller

ps: feel free to forward this message to any people you think might be

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