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See below for details on a student hackathon in NYC.  For those of you
who are on the job market soon, this could be a great way to get
connected with the NYC startup scene.  (See below for details).


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A friend of mine in new york sent this to me and I thought your
students might be interested.  It is a hacking (as in coding)
competition in NY coming up this weekend.  Sorry for the late notice
though.  I just heard from him on it.

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Would really appreciate help spreading the word to Harvard, MIT, and
any other New England area schools. I had a blast at the spring
hackathon and will be there this weekend.>

Hi all,

I'm helping promote a student hackathon taking place in New York this
weekend, October 9-10.

HackNY is co-organized by Hilary Mason (Chief Scientist, bit.ly), Evan
Korth (CompSci Prof., NYU), and Chris Wiggins (Applied Math Prof.,
Columbia), and its goal is to save kids from "The Street" (Wall
Street), and introduce them to New York City startups. New York lacks
the college pipeline that exists in the Valley and if we're going to
be competitive moving forward, a pathway needs to exist to get east
coast students interested in New York's up-and-coming tech industry
(not finance!). I'm a huge fan of the event and its organizers, and
will be attending this weekend as a mentor and judge.

Here's some more info about the event:


And a blurb to pass along:

You're invited to the Fall 2010 hackNY Student Hackathon, October 9th
and 10th at NYU!

Bring your machine and your favorite programming languages, and come
hang out with twenty of New Yorks hottest startups for twenty-four
hours of hacking. The event starts with the lead techies from the
startups sharing their newest features and APIs, then well spend the
rest of the night hacking on whatever awesomeness you choose.

Finally, you can present your hacks to the judges, all established
hackers themselves (including moot from 4chan!), and win $$ and

Check out this video from last spring, made by Yahoo!s chief
hackmeister Eric Wu: http://bit.ly/d0Gm06

To register (free!) for the event, submit your name, year, and .edu
email address to http://hackny.org/a/f2010_hackathon/students/ .


ABOUT HACKNY: hackNY is an initiative founded to federate and mentor
the next generation of NYC tech all-stars. During the summer we
organize the hackNY Fellows program, including internships with
NYC-area startups as well as a lecture series and housing. During the
school year we organize student hackathons to introduce students to
fellow members of the hacking population and to the exciting startups
in NYC where their skills are enthusiastically needed. For more
information just email info at hackNY.org.


Thanks a bunch,

Chris Poole
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