[NRG] Ian Kash visit on Wednesday

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at cs.bu.edu
Mon Nov 29 14:30:46 EST 2010

Hi All,

Ian Kash, a postdoc at Harvard, will be visiting and giving a
colloquium on Wednesday at 11AM.   Ian's research is on market design,
and he's been doing work on applying macroeconomics in systems with
artificial currency, as well as designing markets resistant to
collusion, sybils, and byzantine behavior.  See below for a quote for
Ian's website.

Please let me know if and when you'd like to meet Ian, I'll try to set
up a schedule for him from 10 - 4PM-ish.

Thank you,


My research uses game theory to study how to design markets and
systems for self-interested users.  Currently I’m working on problems
related to kidney exchange, spectrum auctions, air traffic congestion,
question answering systems, and BitTorrent communities.  I did my
Ph.D. at Cornell University advised by Eric Friedman and Joe Halpern.
Much of my graduate work was on the design of scrip systems, which are
systems where an artificial currency (scrip) is used to prevent free
riding or solve resource allocation problems.  Practical systems need
to be robust to unexpected behavior and incomplete information, so my
work included issues such as altruism, hoarding, sybils, collusion,
the interaction of byzantine and rational agents, and multi-agent

Sharon Goldberg
Computer Science, Boston University

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