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Title: Ray: Circumventing the Price of Anarchy: Leading Dynamics to Good  
Title: Circumventing the Price of Anarchy: Leading Dynamics to Good Behavior
Authors: Maria-florina Balcan ,  Avrim Blum ,  Yishay Mansour
Proceedings of Innovations in Computer Science (ICS2010), January 2010

Many natural games can have a dramatic difference between the quality of  
their best and worst Nash equilibria, even in pure strategies. Yet, nearly  
all work to date on dynamics shows only convergence to some equilibrium,  
especially within a polynomial number of steps. In this work we study how  
agents with some knowledge of the game might be able to quickly (within a  
polynomial number of steps) find their way to states of quality close to  
the best equilibrium. We consider two natural learning models in which  
players choose between greedy behavior and following a proposed good but  
untrusted strategy and analyze two important classes of games in this  
context, fair cost-sharing and consensus games. Both games have extremely  
high Price of Anarchy and yet we show that behavior in these models can  
efficiently reach low-cost states.

When: Mon May 10 4pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time
Calendar: NRG at BU
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