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John Byers byers at cs.bu.edu
Tue Jun 15 15:37:45 EDT 2010

Sorry for typo:  next Mon, 6/21.

On 6/15/10 3:21 PM, John Byers wrote:
> Josep Pujol from Telefonica will be presenting his upcoming SIGCOMM paper
> (co-authored with several BU-CS alumni) on Mon, 6/21 @ 10:30AM in the grad
> lounge. Hope to see many of you there.
> -- John
> Abstract:
> ------------
> The Little Engine(s) that could: Scaling Online Social Networks
> The difficulty of partitioning social graphs has introduced new system
> design challenges for scaling
> of Online Social Networks (OSNs). Vertical scaling by resorting to full
> replication can be a costly proposition.
> Scaling horizontally by partitioning and distributing data among
> multiple servers using, for e.g., key-value stores
> using DHTs, can suffer from expensive inter-server communication and
> other performance issues.
> Such challenges have often led to costly re-architecting efforts for
> popular OSNs like Twitter and Facebook.
> We design, implement, and evaluate SPAR, a Social Partitioning and
> Replication middle-ware that
> mediates between the application and the database layer of an OSN. SPAR
> exploits the
> underlying social graph structure to partition user data and selectively
> replicate users to ensure that
> users have their neighbors’ data co-located on their machine. The gains
> from this are multi-fold: application
> developers can assume local semantics, i.e., develop as they would for a
> single machine; scalability is achieved by
> adding commodity machines with low memory and network I/O requirements;
> and N+K redundancy is achieved
> at a fraction of the cost.
> We provide a complete system design, extensive evaluation based on
> datasets from Twitter, Orkut, and Facebook, and
> a working implementation. We show that SPAR performs well in terms of
> reducing the overhead, and dealing with
> high dynamics experienced by an OSN gracefully. We implement a Twitter
> like application
> and evaluate SPAR with MySQL and Cassandra using real datasets
> and show significant gains in terms of req/s and reduction in network
> traffic.
> Bio:
> -----
> Josep M. Pujol is a member of the Telefonica Research Labs in Barcelona
> http://research.tid.es/ working on the intersection of social networks,
> search and system scalability. Prior to Telefonica he was a post-doc at
> the University of Michigan affiliated to the Center for the Study of
> Complex Systems and the Department of Epidemiology where he worked on
> modeling infection transmission and dose-response models. Josep earned
> the PhD from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya with his
> dissertation on the effects of social structure in artificial societies.
> Further information is available at http://research.tid.es/jmps/
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