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Title: Vatche Ishakian: A Type-Theoretic Framework for Efficient and Safe
Colocation of Periodic Real-time Systems. (Practice Talk)
Title: Colocation as a Service: Strategic and Operational Services for  
Cloud Colocation
Speaker: Vatche Ishakian


Desirable application performance is typically guaranteed through the use  
of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that specify fixed fractions of resource  
capacities that must be allocated
for unencumbered use by the application. The mapping between what  
constitutes desirable performance and SLAs is not unique: multiple SLA  
expressions might be functionally equivalent. Having the flexibility to  
transform SLAs from one form to another in a manner that is provably safe  
would enable hosting solutions to achieve significant efficiencies. This  
paper demonstrates the promise of such an approach by proposing a  
type-theoretic framework for the representation and safe transformation of  
SLAs. Based on that framework, the paper describes a methodical approach  
for the
inference of efficient and safe mappings of periodic, real-time tasks to  
the physical and virtual hosts that constitute a hierarchical scheduler.  
Extensive experimental results support the conclusion that the flexibility  
afforded by safe SLA transformations has the potential to yield significant  
When: Mon Aug 16 2pm – 3pm Eastern Time
Where: 111 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215 (CS Research Lab Lounge)
Calendar: NRG at BU
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