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Title: "Workload Characterization and Forecasting in YouTube"  
and "GreenCoop:
Cooperative Green Routing with Energy-Efficient Servers"
Workload Characterization and Forecasting in YouTube
Gonca Gursun

In this work, we develop methods for representing and forecasting the
workload in one of the most popular socially-driven computer system,
YouTube.  We divide the videos into two categories based on their
popularity such as frequently accessed and rarely accessed, and study
them separately. We show that the workload in both categories can be
represented in low dimensional space and this feature can be used in
order to forecast the future workload.

GreenCoop: Cooperative Green Routing with Energy-Efficient Servers
Luca Chiaraviglio

Energy-efficient communication has recently become a key challenge for both  
researchers and industries. In this work, we propose a new model in which a  
Content Provider and an Internet Service Provider cooperate to reduce the  
total power consumption. We solve the problem optimally and compare it with  
a classic formulation, whose aim is to minimize user delay.
Results, although preliminary, show that power savings can be huge: up to  
71% on real ISP topologies. We also show how the degree of cooperation  
impacts overall power consumption. Finally, we consider the impact of the  
Content Provider location on the total power savings.

When: Thu Apr 22 4pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time
Where: CS Grad Lounge
Calendar: NRG at BU
     * jorge.londono at gmail.com - creator

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