[Nrg-l] WING Seminar TOMORROW, 1pm: Kave Salamatian: On Cooperative Information Diffusion

Mark Crovella crovella at cs.bu.edu
Thu Oct 29 09:48:43 EDT 2009

WING Seminar
Friday, October 30
Grad Lounge

Speaker: Kave Salamatian, University of Lancaster

Title: On cooperative information diffusion

The past years have seen the emergence of new types of networks : sensor
nets, DTNs, social networks, etc... All these interesting and challenging
cases have in common that the traditional forwarding paradigm of "receive
and route" is no longer applicable.  In this talk we will present a
framework encompassing forwarding paradigms in the above networks as well as
in classical networks.

We will illustrate this with an application in a scenario where nodes
exchange correlated information. We will in particular study the case where
each node in the network has a vector of numerical state information that
are correlated. Our goal is to exchange information such that each node has
an approximate view of the states of all other nodes in the network. This
information exchange extends the
local observation of node states to the global state of the network nodes.
We also assume that the nodes in the network are selfish, i.e. that a node
wants to get the best approximation of the state of other nodes while giving
away the smallest amount of information about its own state. This means that
we need an incentive/punishment cooperative mechanism to deal with node
selfishness. Last but not least we assume that the level of precision needed
about node states is not a priori known and it needs to be defined online
during the operation of the system. We provide a communication scheme that
addresses the above described challenges, i.e. an information exchange
scheme that enables the sharing of an approximation of correlated node
states, respecting the node selfishness expressed in term of amount of data
(in bits) that it is ready to exchange with others and the level of
precision it is asking from other nodes. This new framework opens new way
for forwarding paradigms for sensor networks and more generally in future
Internet. We will in particular show how to use the scheme for distributed
anomaly detection.

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